Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Millionth Buick

Left to right is motor plant manager William Beacraft-research engineer Eugene C. Richard-superintendent Colman J. Ross-assistant chief engineer Ferdinand A. (Dutch) Bower and chief engineer Enos DeWaters.
March 21,1923 on Hamilton Avenue in Flint. 
Sales manager Ed Strong.

Link:  News Story.
October 25 1969.  
With the Old General Motors headquarters in Detroit as a backdrop we have a 1908 model 5 Buick and the one millionth model 23-25 Sport Touring Buick.  One millionth Buick on loan.  Two millionth Buick story.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

1906 Buick.

This north-east view  from 1906 shows all the same structures shown below. This photo was taken from the roof of the Stewart #4 body assembly factory. Hamilton Avenue is in the foreground.  Links: 

Factory #04 Collage  Oak Park Power Company  The W.F. Stewart Factories In Flint.  Buick Factory #01.  Factory #06 Assembly  The Weston-Mott Factories At Buick  Industrial & Hamilton Avenues  Oak Park Entrance 1934 - 2001.

Buick during 1906 shows a  field of stumps yet to be removed. The photographer would have been standing where the future Oak Park entrance to Buick City would be located. This south-east view shows from left to right: factories #06 assembly, #01 paint and transmission, Oak Park Power Company, Weston-Mott axle assembly partially blocking the Stewart #4 body assembly. 
This north view may have been taken the same day as the view above. From left to right is the Oak Park subdivision along Industrial Avenue, Weston-Mott axle assembly, Oak Park Power Company and #01 paint and transmission. Notice that this postcard and the one above are from the same company using the same font.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Buick City Site Has life Once Again.

Leonard Thygesen as always is still on the job documenting the Buick site.

The road in the foreground is Pierson Road which was the northern most boundary  of the Buick property.

This is the site of the former factory #38 Warehouse. Links:  American Cast Iron  

Building #38 Warehouse