Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fisher Body #1 1940

This I believe is an advance showing for the district dealers for the all new 1940 Buick. This is in the old Buick garage #08. This is the #78 engineering area of the building. This is the exact same area where the prototype work for the M-18 HellCat tank would soon take place. The body style shown in the background is the new Super Series Century. This model year was the first Buick without a running board. It did however still show a hint of one. This is not Fisher body.

This photo is from the  Lawrence Journal a Kansas paper. Follow the Lawrence link for story. For a nice story on the 1940 Buick go here, THE OLD CAR MANUAL PROJECT.

Coming down the line after paint on south Saginaw street in Flint.

Grinding the welds for a smooth look.

Another view of the Jig in place, making sure everything is squared up 

With the jig in place a Buick C body gets welded.

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