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Factory #01 closed body receiving 1924.

July 15,1922 announcement. Detroit plant story.   Scripps-Booth 1922 announcement
A real nice model at the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan. Buick factory #75 had a large rail dock but I think that would mostly be used for receiving stock used in the building of the body's. 
August 25, 1927 in front of the Buick main office in Flint on Hamilton Avenue.
October 15, 1922 Announcement.                                                                                                                            
July 1922.
Exhibit at the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan showing the kind of trucks that hauled the Buick body's back then.  
This is inside of the Scripps Booth factory in Detroit which became Buick factory #75 shown below. Entire closed body Buick's assembled here in 1922.
Beginning in 1922 and ending in 1925, production of the Buick (closed) body's made their way from this factory, #75, in Detroit. They made the 57 mile one way trip over the famed Dixie Highway (originally the "Dixie Trail"). This was the old Scripps-Booth factory. This factory was located at 9416 Ford avenue named for president of the Saxon Motor Car Corp.  Harry Ford when it was built. After Durant sold his new factory on south Saginaw St. in Flint to Fisher Body, this plant was no longer used for that purpose. This view is facing north-west from Ford Avenue, called Ford street now. The factory was on the corner of Wyoming St. and Ford ave.   
                                                                            Current location Google view.                
The Aerial view at far left shows the weather enclosed (closed body) receiving conveyor attached to the third floor of factory #01. The inserted photo was taken from inside this conveyor. The open bodies would travel under Hamilton Avenue. The view at far left showing the old Weston-Mott plant next door is a north east view. The direction of the inserted photo is facing south. 
August 2, 1917. 
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This is the factory originally built for Saxon but the war got in the way and was leased by the U.S. Government. Saxon's debt would be bought by General Motors after the war and then this factory was leased to Scripps-Booth. Buick would take over here in February 1922.   Link for fire.   
October 1919.
This would  become Buick factory #75 in February 1922. The location was on  Ford Avenue.  The Government used this plant during The Great War (WW1). After the war General Motors assumed Saxon's debt  and leased it to Scripps-Booth. After G.M. no longer needed Scripps-Booth, Buick took over.

Factory #01 closed body receiving 1924.  

Body Receiving Through The Years.

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