Tuesday, December 9, 2008

James Arthur Procunier

Mike stated,
I really enjoyed going through your Buick blog. It looks like you've put in a lot of work on it. I haven't spent much time in Flint, but my father was born there and grandfather raised there. I've attached a picture that I just came upon in my late grandfather's things. The hand written inscription on the back reads "Buick Motor Car Co. 1908 - Flint, Michigan". Can you identify where the picture was taken? My great-grandfather James Arthur Procunier is in 3rd row, 4th from right. GERRY REPLY'S You can see the saw-tooth windows in the roof when you look through the window panes. Also the pillars and window configuration would make this the west wall of factory #11. History tells us this building was built in 1909 so I tend to believe that the inscription on the back was added at a latter date. Either that or the date of construction of #11 is off, which I doubt. More research is required if Mikes photo is correctly dated. Thanks for this lost piece of history Mike. MIKE'S REPLY.  Wow... you should work for CSI. You're right, I didn't notice saw tooth windows until I really looked. The really telling thing is that the bench from my picture perfectly matches the bench in yours. It would make sense that the inscription might be off. They didn't move to Flint until at least 1908 and he was listed as a painter in the 1910 Census & assembler in the 1920 Census. I doubt if he would have been a painter at the engine plant.

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