Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Liberty Crankshaft March 1919

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Beginning of story.

End of Liberty story.

Beginning of forge story.

End of the story about the forging.

The die makers who made the first die for the Liberty crankshaft. This is only one half.

The men who forged the first Liberty crankshaft. I have a film showing this work at Buick which is very interesting. It was no easy task.

Forging a Liberty crankshaft.

Hammer Men inside the forge shop #03. Hammer men could make the highest wages in  Flint in 1916. The following link will break down the wages. Page 553 right hand column Pay scale.

A close up of the steel yard showing factory #03 forge plant in the distance. This view facing south.

This shows testing at Buick which used alcohol and water that recommended flushing 3 times a year. The anti freeze of the day.

Tires were not very good compared to today. This is all from my own collection.

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