Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ray Donley and his 1931 Buick Roadster.

Original first year straight eight. You could eat off of this engine.

Step plate on the "Mud guard/ Running board.

Well detailed dash.

It took quite a while for the early car builders to abandon the "Horse & Buggy" way's of building motorized vehicles. The use of wooden wheels at Buick ended with the finish of the 1932 model year.

You have to love the "Mother In-law" seat.

The paint was beautiful on this 1931 Buick.

The lock mechanism on this storage compartment (called Golf Bag doors) was from a "Snap On" tool box. The key hole cover is original.

These wind screen parts were all cut from solid brass by Ray.

This photo dose not do justice to the intricate work that Ray can do. This engine control was formed from a block of Brass.

Ray hand bent 16 gauge steel to form this bumper part. He explained it in loving detail.

Ray graciously let me sit in his Buick. This is the second oldest Buick that I have sat in.

"Ray and his Buick". I have shown just a few of the hand tooled parts Ray personally created for this spectacular 31 Roadster.

Ray Donley a very talented Machinist getting his award at the 2009 Coleman car show. I believe if the awards were actually given for true merit,he would have taken "Best In Show". I entered my 66 Chevy, but did not win any prize. click here for more.

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