Friday, July 3, 2009

A Tour Through Buick 1969

The slat line before going onto the carriers. This is the second floor of factory #04. This is just after the pit that I would work in during 1975. This view is facing south.

Front bumper installation. The photo of my old boss Bob Swales doing this job in 1968 is shown in a previous post. These carriers brought the car down from the second floor.

Final or slat line. This is the north end of factory #04. This view is facing south east.

Factory #04 south end, showing roll test and repair. This view is facing west. follow link for Bob Swales in 1966.

Bumper Installation 1966

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Jeff said...

These are great photos- I was just a little guy but remember the '69 models very well.

I'm surprised to see full sized and mid sized models on the line together- what year did 04 and 40 split final assembly?