Thursday, April 8, 2010

Factory #40 1980.

This photo, dated July 10, 1980 ran in the Chicago Sun-Times July 13, 1980. The caption as it ran in the paper stated: "Buick Assembly Plant Worker Chris Molina, "A woman's job". The back story was: Chris Molina, age 25, works for Buick A-car assembly and is quite happy about it. His brother, however, has been laid off by Chevy and both Chris and brother blame Chevy management for hiring too many workers.
Gerry says: This is the second floor of factory #40 building 16 and the view is facing north, near the area called the "hairpin". As far as the woman's job (jab) goes, women worked everywhere when I was there, just about any job on any assembly line will haunt you forever. Even to this day I still have horrible nightmares about my time on the line. There always the same. And even though different locations and some jobs that I have never even done. It seems like I can never get out of the hole and I'm always falling behind. So for all the people who think auto workers are over paid, have never walked in our shoes.

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