Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roadmaster 1952

Buick Roadmaster 1952.

Buick in 1952 had a lower production run than they were used to because of a steel strike and the Korean war was also causing shortages. Total calender year production was 321,048. The Roadmaster series saw production at 46,443 total units produced. 'This' Riviera model 72 sedan owned by a reader of this blog know only as Zig is one of the 32,069 of the Roadmaster (Riviera) series (notice the 4 vent-ports). Another identifying feature of this car is the extensive use of chrome around the window frames and center post. This car he explained is "Ready for show". This was also Buick's first year for power steering. And also the last year for the straight eight engine. This vehicle 'by the way' is located in Poland. A long way from home. But home is where you hang your hat, and my hats off to Zig for this fine example. He even has the extra cost wheel covers and correct (wide) side wall tires. He also owns a Super 50 which I hope to see in the near future.

Looks as good inside as out with the duo-tone upholstery and the two tone dash.


Radio Removal Guy said...

Now that's a gorgeous car

Anonymous said...

Ah, for the days went automobile styling was impressive AND elegant! Nothing like it today, unfortunately.