Friday, June 4, 2010

Larry Godin

Larry usually bought the convertibles and this was his last and also the last for Buick at that time. This is a 1975 LeSabre. Red with a black top. He also had the same color combination on his 1968 LeSabre. Thanks for all the memories Larry, from your brother Gerry who really misses you.

Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 1976.

He always loved his Buick's.

Larry's 1978 Buick before the accident.

These three photos show the original 1978 Buick Turbo Sport Coupe after an elderly lady ran a red light at the corner of Dupont and Welch in Flint, Michigan. She had attended a funeral earlier that day and thought that you could ignore red lights for the entire day in honor of the deceased. The replacement 1979 can be seen in the background.

This was his replacement 1979 Buick Turbo Sport Coupe. I ended up with this car in 1990 and had much trouble with the turbo. I still have the wheels in my garage. It was a nice looking car though.

This was our cabin in northern Michigan.

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