Wednesday, October 6, 2010

504 Project Car.

Andy Popovich II says: Some more pictures from 1976 May it says on my pictures. These were taken in the Buick main office parking lot on Hamilton west of JP Cole.
We held a gymkana with the Flint Corvette Club in the parking lot. In the pictures you can see the old ad min building and the demo going on at DuPont. This is the second year Explorer Scout Post 504 Project Car. This is where the production Skyhawk with the IMSA style body panels came from. This is the car that had the radical normally aspirated engine designed by Ken Baker who was head of engine engineering for Buick at the time. He was great to have as a part of our sponsor team at Buick. I was involved with motorcycle ( Kawasaki ), snowmobile ( Arctic Cat factory ride 19971-1973 ) and road racing ( Privateer ) before and during this time frame. Ken also enjoyed these areas of passion. This car had Kenny Bell heads and the first block girdle I ever saw. The numbers on the dyno made Chevy V-8 motors of the time look endemic. You can see the front end lift of the chassis under acceleration in the photos. I am driving in most of these photos. They were taken by my late cousin Matt Klee.

1976 Explorer Skyhawk

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