Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mapping The Buick Site.

This 1920 map from the Sloan Museum shows the very early details and street names. Also some neighborhoods that disappeared. The top of all maps are north. This wonderful map is only a small portion of the original. Enlarge this map for better detail. You can also download it and get an even better and clear enlargement with whatever photo viewer you choose.

A 1998 view of the North Buick site with some main factory numbers. This shows the outline of (most of) the Buick property.
Current 2012 Google map. To view the south-end of Buick in 1907 follow the link below. Links:

Factory Designations

Buick 1920 Aerial View

Overview Buick 1938

The Oak Park Industrial Complex 1907

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Roadtrip 62 - Don said...

Thanks, Gerry! I love maps and the comparison of the old street layout with the eventual size of the plants is neat.