Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hamilton & Industrial 1902

The office area of the Weston-Mott factory shows the original location of hose house #4 that was needed in the Oak Park industrial area in 1902. The map below shows where it was relocated to in 1904. The new hose house used all of the bricks from the original.
This is  the hose house #4  in 1916 at it's new location which is described below. In later years these were called fire halls or stations. The horses were Dan and Prince the last two fire horses in Flint.  Link for another view: 

Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913

This map shows the location of  hose house  #4 as it was built in 1902 (shown by the green arrow) on the exact spot of the future Weston-Mott office. It was moved to it's new location (shown by the red arrow) on Witherbee and Industrial Avenue. The new location is shown by the blue star. The building was completely demolished in October 1904 to make way for the 1905 to 1906 construction of  the first Weston-Mott factory to be built in Flint. 

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