Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celebrities At Buick

Vice President Richard Nixon visits factory #36 in 1955.  The year Buick first offered seat-belts.

Vice President Richard Nixon press release.
Honeymooners’ stars Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows on ‘TV Guide’ cover, week of May 21-27, 1955.
Here's Jackie Gleason on the final line in factory #62. Jackie takes special pride in this particular Buick. "I should." he declared. "I nursed it along from bare frame to the finished product".

Jackie Gleason tightens the wheel on a 1955 Buick. By 1955, Mr. Gleason, who liked to call himself ''the Great One,'' was one of television's biggest stars, and it was reported at the time that the contract for the Honeymooners, which was sponsored by the Buick division of General Motors, called for him to be paid $11 million if the weekly half-hour shows ran for three years. It was said to be the biggest deal in television history.  

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