Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coleman Car Show 2008

This photo shows the fenders being painted in 1949. The description stated "Waterfall in back picks up flying paint while special ventilating system eliminates need for face masks." If you believe that I have a bridge for sale,called the Brooklyn.

This is the Wilmington Delaware plant.
That's Bill Pennington in the striped shirt. He stated this "Roadmaster" was a barn find from twenty years ago. He also said the vin decoded as number 43 off the line in 1949. He stated this was a Flint built Buick.

Pretty much stock interior except the seats.

Matching louvers.

Still sporting the original "Straight Eight" with some dress up goodies.

These hood's opened from either side.

Bill Pennington's 1949 Buick June 14, 2008.
Link: Complete 1949 Buick Magazine.

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