Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buick Assembly 1922

Just a different source of the photo below. Link for 1922 Buick's. 1922 transmission advertisement.

A 1922 look inside the Buick assembly plant #01 where the body’s are just being “cut in” with paint around the door jams and seats. Pretty much the same as today, except the seat part. The car body’s at this time would have gotten their seats in either 16-b or factory #07 on the second floor and then passed through the west bridge in the courtyard (heading south) between assembly and factory #01. Then they made the return trip to factory #06 assembly’s second floor through the east bridge of the courtyard, only this time heading north. The body’s were then lowered to the first floor to mate with their prospective chassis. As far as the seat stuffing department at any given time is anybody’s guess. Things were always moved around. In my time you never knew from year to year where any departments new location would be. The engine dress line was one that was always on the move. So if you have better information than I do, please leave a comment.

I've had this photo for years and never realized it was Buick in Flint. It is dated the same date as the photo below. I know I have a better copy, and will post it when I locate it. I also have another one of this same view, only the workers have changed positions. I also located the photo at the bottom of this post in the book "Our Day's Together At Buick City". I guess you really can't see the forest for the tree's. I have way too much stuff in my archives.

This addition known as 06-b built in 1915 is where I now believe this photo was taken. This is a north view between factory #06 connected on the right and #07 connected on the left. These were numbered (north to south) as 06-b, 06-c and 06-d. Factory #09 is connected at the north-end. When the photo below was taken the roofed over area at the left between #07 and #10 did not exist. This is the only addition with three floors, which is obvious this building had. The second floor was the seat stuffing department. You can see the stairs in the right background of the enhanced photo below. If this assumption is correct, that would mean in the photo below the photographer was facing south, as evidenced by the light entering through the windows in the background.

Enhanced for more background detail.

Here is the "New for 1922" 4 cylinder engine very similar to the 6 shown below.

This photo dated November 17, 1922 shows workers have just installed the tires. Note the different tread patterns used on the front and rear. You can also see the fixture being used to align the running boards. The only other pillars I ever saw at Buick that were round were in engineering #84 the old Part's and Service building built between 1938-1939 and factory #05 enamel plant which were of a little bit different style.

. see the following link to view the 1922 body being assembled in the old W.F.Stewart plant
W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard

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