Sunday, September 13, 2009

Buick Assembly 1947

Here is a good view of the roof structure between the two factory's #10 visible on the left and #19/#07 out of sight on the right. When you enlarge this photo you can see the front end sub assembly's crossing the mezzanine from the third floor of old factory #10 heading for the south end of old factory #07/#19 where they will be mated to the appropriate body.

This is the body drop inside the old factory #19/#07 factory built in 1908. Notice the wooden pillar. This area was near the east wall.

This is the south end of factory #62. This was the roofed over area between factory's #19 which was actually old #07, although most old timers just called this collection of original wood and brick factory's #06. Factory #10 is visible on the right. This created the new Unified Assembly Plant in Flint. This roofed over expansion was done in 1925 to meet the rising demand of Buick's.
 For more on this location at Buick follow this link or simply type in #62 in the search box at the top left corner of this blog.

Factory #62 Emmanuel Godin

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