Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friends in England

The same B-24 as shown below. This was the paint scheme it was wearing when I seen it in 2003.

B-24 now known as Witchcraft.

Clive Stevens in all his glory, standing next to his 1941 Chrysler Royal. That is a B-17 G model Heavy bomber behind him. The G refers to the later model with the "CHIN" turret (introduced in 1943), containing two 50 caliber machine guns, which would definitely make any German pilot, 'think twice' about strafing the belly of this Flying Fortress. Clive would appreciate any information, on where his Chrysler was built.

Clive says: Photo showing FBFW stampings on various B-17 Flying Fortress engine cowling inspection panels. You will see that I have cleaned one of these panels up pretty good - so much so that you can see a small section of olive-drab painted surface on the outer skin. This drab paint identifies it at a section of the aircraft skin from the top/upper cowling region that would reflect/dazzle the suns rays directly onto the flight deck of the aircraft and impair the pilot's visibility. Therefore, all areas of the aircraft that were likely to do this were painted in olive-drab, in order to reduce dazzling the pilots. The photo below Clive says: This picture shows a rather damaged complete nacel bulkhead of a B-17 still in the pit before we removed it to the surface. Again this was covered with FBFW stampings.

Heavy-bomber oxygen tanks and ammunition tracking recovered during the excavations in Suffolk, England.

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