Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buick City Assembly

This process of removing and re-installing the doors only lasted through the first year of production at the new Buick City assembly plant. The original purpose of removing and re-installing the doors was considered a step forward in a quality build, plus it would be more ergonomic for the worker. All the door components would be installed off the car on a separate assembly line and then sent by a super fast elevator to the second floor for re-installation. As with many things eliminated after the first year, this was considered almost a Rube Goldberg way of doing a simple job. It was a real pain getting the doors back into their original alignment. This photo shows the solution they came up with for helping with the alignment procedure. The worker shown is Gene Wolfram who helped develop this device.

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Anonymous said...

This is a really cool site. I just stumbled on it looking for some photos for reference of a 1923 Buick Model 38 (23-4-38) that I've purchased. Nice work Gerry, this will be my main hub for history info. What an awesome collection of pins and badges you've displayed also..Mike-NY..