Saturday, January 29, 2011

Factory #04 Assembly 1983

This is the second floor of factory #04. This is probably near the center of the factory judging by the bins holding tires. The cars in the foreground (traveling to the right) have yet to be through body scheduling. The car in the left background (traveling to the left) is a Regal (already through scheduling) heading for factory #40. Body receiving was all done in factory #04 at this time. The materials group #88 was in charge of body receiving. The body's in the foreground are still on the carriers that carried them through the Fisher body factory on south Saginaw st. The tires and wheels in the bins were just extras that were occasionally needed.

Tire / Wheel Installation 1976

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Leon Baker said...

Excellent Blog Gerry , my Dad retired from Factory # 12 , I Had Aunts , Uncles and Cousins working there . My Uncle Ken Childs worked in Materials and supplied parts for me when I worked in Factory # 4 chassis line in '73 and '74 . Keep up the good work !