Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Demolition View 2012

Looks like somebody stormed the old Division Street gate off of Hamilton Avenue.

Leonard Thygesen says: Looking south from Stewart Ave. That is all that is left except a small portion of the high bay which was the aluminum foundry. I think they park the equipment there at night. I'm sure when I left Monday (January 16, 2012) afternoon, those two structures came down quickly . Also the building that was just north, and attached to 03 is still intact. They are also sucking the nasty stuff out the water process holding units. PHEW! Really nasty stuff.

Another view showing demolition of factory #05 and #10.

Looking north with factory #31 totally gone now. This site originally had factory #16 running along Industrial Avenue (at the left) until factory #31 was built in 1940. Old factory #66 was also still standing until late July 2011. Factory #11 would have been off to the right. It also fell to demolition in July 2011. Those are factories #05 and #10 in the distance along Stewart Street. These photos come from Leonard Thygesen who does the fine documentaries on film of the demise of Buick and other factories in Flint, Michigan.

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