Monday, January 30, 2012

Factory #66 1943

The journals for the Hercules Diesel truck engine are being precision measured.

Much hand polishing during the inspection process to reveal any defects, I did the same thing with the Cadillac cam shafts while working in Bay City Powertrain. The previous link shows assembled cams which I also worked on overtime.

Cleaning out the oil gallery's with compressed air.

More hand polishing and inspection.

Looks like the crank is almost ready for packing. Buick also cast the engine blocks for this engine. 
Heat treating on the Hercules crank.

I can't see enough detail to determine whether this shows grinding - polishing or balancing on the Hercules Diesel crank shaft.

Buick At It's Battle Stations

Factory #66 Demolition

Factory #66

Factory #01 Roof Trusses

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