Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walter Reuther Moment Of Silence.

I believe this is the Wilmington, Delaware assembly plant judging by the convertible that employee Robert Hall is looking at. My brother ordered a new convertible that year and as I recall they were only assembled in the Wilmington plant. Very rare was the instance of the line shutting down for a moment of silence. I can personally think of only one time in my years at Buick. It was for an employee killed in the factory. The date of this photo was May 16, 1970. Reuther died May 9th.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still Even More Buick Workers.

Pat Bowers and Cleadus Lanter ready to install a bumper.

Scott Weidner working on engine dress.

Mark Williams (back) Bob Weber and Dennis Haney on the paint line in factory #44.

Dennis Willett taking a break.

Even More Buick Workers.

One of the ever present plant tours.

Slat line in factory #04.

Vern Bailey tears down and rebuilds an engine for a test run. This is probably factory #36.

Sam Brown (left) and Wadell Fletcher spot weld the inner fender brace in factory #12.

Barbara Mitchell in the paint booth located in factory #44.

More Buick Workers.

Work on the bumper line. The workers are Pat Bowers (left) and Ken Patty.

This is a G-body (Regal) fender being inspected by Roy Tyler.

Buick Workers

On the paint line in factory #44. The workers are Bill Willoughby on left and Wade Chapman. I worked with Bill in the materials group.

Worker Charles MacArthur with a load of wheels.

A B-body (Electra, LeSabre) fender being installed. The worker is Rick Muschiana.

This is factory #12 showing the G-body (Regal) front fenders before being trimmed of the excess flash after stamping. The employees are John Derosia at left and K.C. Drake. This is 1983.