Sunday, September 9, 2012

Building Early Buicks.

This is a very interesting painting showing either an early work shop or assembly of Buick's. My guess is assembly because of the overhead belt drive. "Very well done".

The Girls Of Buick No.11 1920.

This view in front of the engine plant #11 we are facing east towards Division Street. Beyond Division is the new foundry #20. This is on Oakland Street which was later changed to Leith Street.

A closeup of the photo above. Their names are: Rhoda Coates, Clarice Barger, Lillian Bennett, Agnes Darts, Edyth Beals, Lillian O'Toole, Hazel Clarke, Dayna Harrison, Rose Barrow and Hazel W., I figure Hazel owned this card and did not find it necessary to include her last name.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Buick Plant In Flint.

A well known photo of the first Buick plant in Flint, Michigan. Original photo taken by: Guy A. Gaines Click here for 1904 view.
September 19, 1903. 
Enlargement of the photo above showing an automobile sitting in front of the test shed on the south side of the factory.

The First Buick Workers

Original factory on east Kearsley st.

Original Buick Factory In Flint Michigan

Buick Motor Co.Engine Works

Dr. Hills The Man Who Bought The First Flint Buick

Original Buick Factory In Flint Michigan

Buick Water Test.

This seems like a strange way of testing the engine compartment for moisture related problems. "Things in 1923 seem so quaint now". This is Hamilton Avenue facing west from in front of the Buick Service and Parts plant. The main office is shown in the left background with factory #01 in the right background. The only water test we had here in my time was the "Leak Test" that was looking for water penetrating the passenger and trunk compartment.

Buick Factory #01.
Buick's Second Main Office.
Hamilton Avenue At Buick