Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ralph DePalma

Famous race driver Ralph DePalma from the early years of automobile racing in the 20th century is shown with the manager (Elwin Kenny) of the Buick retail store.

Ralph DePalma at left with Buick engineer Harry S. Golden in 1954.

This shows the location of the two photographs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chevrolet Memorabilia.

Ed McGraw sent this photo along for your enjoyment. And asks the question. "Have you ever seen a shop supervisors clip board handle"? He says that is a 1932 Chevrolet. My grandfather and I both worked at Chevy in the hole. He was a sit-down striker. Thanks Ed. Buick & Chevrolet in Flint will always be intertwined.

Flint Photos Supplied From The Weaver Family

The Early Years.

The First Buick Workers

The 1904 Model B

Original Buick Factory In Flint Michigan

1920 Chevy in the hole

Original factory on east Kearsley st.

Dr. Hills The Man Who Bought The First Flint Buick

First Flint Buick

Friday, April 8, 2011

Factory #12 Sheet Metal Plant.

In this south-east view of factory #12 you will note the raised roof structure on the south-end of the factory. This is where some of the roof structure for factory #66 (built during 1926) came from. Also used in the construction of #66 were the roof truss's from factory #01. I spent many hours in this factory. The area in the foreground would later become Buick truck receiving dock #1. This is the intersection of Leith st. & Industrial ave.

Factory #66

Factory #01 Roof Trusses

Leith st. 2008

Factory #12 2002 -2008

Factory #12 The Early Years

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Division Street

A row of new Buick's lined up on Division st. This view facing north shows factory #01 at left with factory #06 trailing off in the distance. These appear to be 1909 model 10 Runabout Buick's. The model 10 series was built from 1908-1910. During the 1909 model year 8100 were built in various body styles. A breakdown of the total number of Buick's built in Flint that year are: Model F Touring 3,856, Model G Runabout 144, Model 6A Roadster 6, Model 10 Runabout 8,100, Model 16 Roadster 497, Model 17 Touring 2,003. Total for the entire year was 14,606. This information is from "THE BUICK A COMPLETE HISTORY" by Terry Dunham and Lawrence Gustin.


Division Street 1934

Getting The Picture

Buick 1908 & 1909

Factory #06 Assembly

Buick factory #1 & #6

Buick Track Postcard

Buick Factories 1908

Buick Factory #1 1910

Division street During 100 Years.

Factory #01

Buick Factory #1 Hamilton st. Flint Michigan (view south west)

Ghost Of The Past