Sunday, November 23, 2014

Buick Paint 1920.

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Links: Buick Factory #01. Factory #07 Seat Stuffing Assembly factory #06 W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard


Applying the varnish on a model T using the flow method.  Original link for this photo.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Buick Security.

 These Buick officers were always the good guys. I dealt with them on a daily basis when I was a clerk for shipping and receiving. When Buick outsourced their duties to the Pinkerton Agency, after the creation of Buick City, "The good old days at the Buick" were truly gone forever.
 That is factory #31 axle plant in the background which was originally the old engine plant #11 until 1953 & 1954 when the new engine plant #36 was opened for business. This is facing directly north on Division Street just north of Leith Street. This was found on my friend Gordon Young's site at the following link: 

Flint Photos: Buick Plant Security in the Fifties

 This building housed Main medical, Works engineering, Master mechanic, Security, Metallurgy, Factory Safety store and Personnel and employment.
This is building #85 where I hired in on October 9, 1972.   During World War II.  Other Links: 

Buick Personnel Factory #11 Demolished. Leith Street Revisited.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Building Data 1947.

Courtesy of Leroy Cole and Kevin Kirbitz.

Notice that the Grand Blanc plant is mis-spelled Grand Bland.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Buick Free Spirit.

We had a few of these and I unloaded and  back-loaded this same one many times. The pattern & die shop #15 is blocked by the trailer. Part of Personnel #85 is visible over the cab. This is setting in the exact spot shown in the previous post (coal pile) at the Buick powerhouse link.

Buick Powerhouse.

Links: Found on Gordon Young's site.  

Factory #15 1997 

Buick Powerhouse.

This north-west view from the old St John's neighborhood shows, left to right, the powerhouse #14, #85 Personnel and #15 die and pattern shop across Leith Street. The Buick Special and Chevrolet Corvair are on old Michigan Avenue. Notice the cooling vents on the rear air cooled Corvair are covered to keep the snow out.
Link for original here.

More Aerial Buick. Leith Street Then And Now.  Factory #15 Die And Pattern Shop  
The red arrow shows location & direction. The foundry #20 is where the future #85 will be built.