Monday, October 1, 2012

Buick 1941 "Staehli"S

Here we see a 1941 receiving it's front sheet metal assembly. This the way it was done for many years.
Denise “Staehli” Nanney asked this question about her grandfather on theFlint Expatriates site.  Quote: My grandpa Staehli….He was an engineer in the Buick experimental dept. He’s standing outside the car. Does anyone know what year this car is?  It is a 1941 Series 90 or 91-F depending on the interior seating. Six or 8 passenger. This is the roof parking structure of the #08/#78 engineering building/ Garage south of Hamilton Avenue. The inserted photo and the photo shown larger at the top (from Denise)  is facing east. The overall view of the Buick factories (about 1950) is shown from the south west. His name was George M Staehli. You can super enlarge just about any photo on this blog for viewing small details. The way this is done is a little different depending on which browser is used.


HellCat Tank Training & Engineering 1943.

W.F. Stewart Factory 4 & Buick Garage #08.

Factory #08

Ruth Nash

A 1941 model 61 Century Sedan. Notice fire hall #4 on Industrial in the background.

Factory #08 1923

A 1932 series 90 Victoria Coupe up on the same roof.
Peter DePaolo, a world famous racing driver of the time and long time fan of Buick's, accepts delivery of his 1927 5-passenger Master Six Brougham  one of several new Buick's that he bought this year. Designated the model 27-51, the 4,050 pound car sold for $1,925. Buick built 13,862, all for domestic sales and all finished in Paul Revere green. The specially built trunk, which fitted into the built-in trunk rack, was an accessory, as were bumpers. This is from George Dammann's book: Seventy Years Of Buick.  This is in front of the same building as shown above. This is on Hamilton Avenue directly across from the main office.  News story on big plans for 1941.
Same location as "Staehli" only a 1931 Series 90 sedan.

Series 121.

This 1929 "Silver Anniversary" Buick has a Buick script stamping on the hood side. I've never seen another like this,...maybe a show car or prototype?