Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gerry Godin 1980 Accident

This shows the color of the Buick I crushed. The color was Dark green #44

The arrow shows me unloading steering components after I dropped a double stacked load on the back of a just finished 1980 Regal. This view is facing east on the first floor of factory #40/16. The accident happened at 6:00 pm February 12, 1980. The brick structure behind me is the elevator. You can also see the stairs at right leading to the bathrooms and second floor. We seen an older worker drop dead at the bottom of these stairs one Saturday afternoon. If ever there was a place for an audience this was it. The end of the final line was always a busy place. This was entirely my fault because I didn't have my forks through the stirrups on the basket. The baskets were rectangle shaped, with the shorter side facing forward for loading in the semi trailer. I should have rotated the basket before moving but I was out of practice and just gotten back on the job. Due to a cutback I was placed back on my old axle press after an eight year hiatus. Like an elephant Buick never forgets. So when there was a cutback you went back to the lowest position inline with your seniority. I did not get a reprimand for this accident because the pictures showed the car was parked over the yellow line at the time. I was so nervous that I went home after cleaning this mess up. The final insult was this car sitting for about a month on the second floor of factory #94 as if on exhibit for all to see. When it came off the final line it had three "RUSH" stickers on the windshield (boy did I slow that order down)!

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