Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Truck #2489

This worker Kenneth Hughes is driving a well known fork truck in the material control department 88-02. This truck was used whenever management wanted a person to fail their driving exam when they were first considered for placement in the material group. You will notice the steering wheel has been replaced with a wheel from a fifties Buick. This made it a little easier to steer because this truck had no power steering. I remember one time a very petite girl was sent to my boss, Bill strong, for her driving test on 16 rail dock in factory #40 2nd shift. He was instructed by our General foreman, Wayne Elowsky, to supply her this truck for the test. I felt real bad so I told her what was going on because she couldn't figure out why she was having such difficulty stacking baskets. I was the clerk on the rail dock at the time and really found this old practice disgusting. After I gave her the lowdown, instead of complaining, she said she didn't want to work in the materials group anymore. This truck would be given to the paint department in factory #44 second floor for paint employees to move chemicals since no regular worker wanted this nuisance chore added to their job. Management just looked the other way on this and we gave them old 2489 our oldest truck in the materials group. They even had their own charger so as not to be seen getting the battery changed.

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