Saturday, April 19, 2008

St. Johns Industrial Park Urban Renewal near Buick

Closeup of factory #10, #05 and #36.

Closeup of freeway construction.

Environmental statement I-475

An aerial view from the east towards Buick looking over the old Buick Heights. The I-475 freeway business loop through Flint is just being constructed.

A typical neighborhood before Urban Renewal. This is the old intersection of St John Street and Oakland Street (now Leith St.) looking east towards the Flint river. James P. Cole blvd. was rerouted as shown below. That is the Fairview school shown at the upper left. The future Buick #07 powerhouse would be built at the north-west intersection shown here.

See Easy Street on the map below.

July 26, 1917.

The address for Fairview school shows 1300 Leith Street but in 1915 this street was still known as Oakland.


Read about the auction of lots in 1909. Go here


geewhy said...

Man, these before and after shots of Flint are brutal!

Mr.Bobby(A.K.A. scorpionbbb50) said...

I'm still looking for a picture of Roosevelt elementary school which was behind Stewart ave.