Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hellcat Loading & Shipping During World War II

This ad appeared for publication after it had already destroyed many German tanks and was no longer a secret.

Notice the cables under tension behind the turret at the front of this tank. The tanks were shipped with the barrel facing the rear. This is factory #01.

Loading the M-18 in factory #01.

The M-18 uncovered on a New York Central flat-car.

Described below.

See description below.

The same as described below.

Hellcat tank destroyers heading for the main line. In this south-west view you can see part of factory #70 and #71 at the left, Building #71a would be built on the west side of #71 along Division st. after the war. Factory #11 is in the distance and would be re-numbered after the war, becoming factory #31. The barn like structure in the right background is the sand shed #76.
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