Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Leith Street Then And Now.

The same view as shown below only fifty years earlier. The photo above this one is from before 1920. It is hard to believe now that this (St. Johns neighborhood) was once a thriving community. That is the Buick power plant #14 belching out coal smoke. The women in this large community always complained about the coal smoke getting on the clean wash hung on their clothes lines. The small parking lot on the right was where I parked the day I hired in at Buick 1972. Personnel at that time was in building #85 just under the overpass and up the hill on the right. photo courtesy of the Buick Research Gallery in Flint, Michigan. Excuse my thumb in this photo. You have to wear gloves when researching the archives.   Leith Street subway.
April 1917.
Leith Street looking west at the rail bridge on July 22, 2011. Using Google Chrome you can enlarge by left clicking ,then right clicking and choosing open image in new tab and left click once more. All browsers are different but most photos on this blog can be enlarged.
links: St. Johns Industrial Park Urban Renewal near Buick

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