Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buick Powertrain North Site Demolition

Factory #05 transmission support factory (gears and such) is still in tact. But the Demolition Man is approaching. This was originally building #43 constructed for the Korean war effort. This view is facing south-east from Industrial Avenue and Stewart Street on August 29, 2011. It was built in 1951.

The small Building #38 built in 1985 is still standing. I can not see any sign of the old factory #03 spring plant. Or before that; factory #30 aluminum plant. It stood as a skeleton for many years. I think they left it standing as a warning to the others. "How sad".

Factory #70/#81. The old Buick foundry which became the torque converter factory in 1981. It was the first factory at the Buick site that done away with time clocks.

Factory #70/#81 in the background.

This is factory #70/#81 in the background. Demolition has also started on old factory #10 at the north-end on Stewart Street. Factory #10 was the arsenal of defense during World War II making many components for the Liberator engine. My batteries went dead before I reached Stewart Street.

Factory #70/#81 the old Buick foundry is in the background.

They say "DEMOLITION MEANS PROGRESS" but I don't see it. My ancestors and I worked there many years and I still don't quite understand. "And yes"-- sometimes when I worked there I felt like knocking walls down.

Factory #70/#81 built torque converters from 1981 until last year.

Just piles of rubble now. Factory #70/#81 is still standing in the distance.

This is the same spot July 15, 2011 (shown below) one month ago. The old crankshaft factory #66 at the north-end of #31 is now gone also. It was still standing a month ago.

Industrial Avenue facing north. Boy it sure looks empty now.

Factory #31 used to fill this view facing north-east on Industrial Avenue. Before that factory #16 built in 1910 filled this view until 1941.

Leith street gate looking east.
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