Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Grand Finale, Not So Grand.

Here is the same view as below only in July 1984.
These photos from Leonard Thygesen were taken on April 12, 2012. No one gave him a heads up on the demolition of the last remaining small building, so he missed filming it. The Cultural and Diversity Center was all that remained of the old Brass and aluminum foundry #30 built in 1918. This plant "besides doing forgings", also started making the springs for all of Buick in 1936. The factory designation was changed in 1963 to factory #03 after the original foundry #03 was demolished. This last remaining addition to building #30/factory #03 was built in 1966.

A very barren view now.
This west view was the site of factory #10 and #05 beyond it. The still working view (just above) is from July 1984, and shows the switch engine 792.

Looking directly west from the Stewart Avenue overpass. Just still cleaning up the remains.

Telephoto view of the site of the Cultural And Diversity Center.

Demolition At Buick.

The Cultural & Diversity Center

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