Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some Last Looks At Buick Powertrain.

A telephoto view overlooking the foundation of factory #10 with downtown Flint as a backdrop.

Looking over the site of building #55 and factory #05. This west facing view was taken from the Stewart Avenue overpass looking towards Industrial Avenue where the tree-line is in the far distance. Looks like the cleanup is proceeding well.

What was,... is shown farther below. This photo is April 3, 2012, and was taken by Leonard Thygesen. If you look close at the Google view below, you can see the turnstile shown here (still standing) in this April view of the old factory #10 site. You are facing south-west. That is the Cultural & Diversity Center still standing as the sole survivor in the background. Downtown Flint is seen in the far distance.

The Buick Site March 13, 2012.

Demolition At Buick.

Buick Demolition Building #55-A.

Buick Demolition March 5, 2012

Building #55-A Waste Treatment Plant.

Closer Every Day.

Leftovers From The 2011 Demolition.

Buick Demolition.

Almost A Memory 2-21-2012

Factory #05 The End

Stewart and Selby Gate 2012.

Leonard Thygesen Historic Documentary.

Demolition View 2012

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