Wednesday, December 19, 2007

1920 Chevy in the hole

This is the announcement for construction of Chevrolet’s new engine plant which was called #4. This plant has an interesting history during the 1937 Sit-Down strike in Flint. “Man I hated working there”.

This postcard from my own collection is dated 1910.

Looking west up Kearsley street at the former Flint Wagon Works.

Taken at the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan showing the old Flint Wagon Works and original Buick factory on west Kearsley Street. This view is facing east towards downtown Flint. Taken from the opposite bank of the Flint River.

From the Sloan Museum in Flint. This is showing construction of the Mason motor plant addition in July 1915 which would become Chevrolet factory #4 engine plant February 1918. This was the worst place I ever worked. This view is facing west towards Wilcox Street (now Chevrolet Avenue).

I took this photo at the Sloan Museum in Flint,Michigan. Chevy factory #4 engine plant after completion. That is the old Buick #2 on Kearsley in the left background. You are facing east from Wilcox Street (now Chevrolet Avenue).

This is the postcard made from the photo shown below. That is the original Buick plant in the background. The factory in the foreground was built for Mason Motors and would later become part of Chevrolet factory #4 engine plant where I would work for 9 months.

West Kearsley street showing the old Flint Wagon Works is now Chevrolet. This is 1920. On the left behind the tree is the original Buick Engine Works.

Mason engine factory during construction. This would become the south annex of the 1916 factory addition that would become #4 Chevrolet engine factory where I would work between 1973-74'. This view is facing west.

The first section of the new Mason Motor plant ( future factory #4 at Chevy) showing the original Buick plant in the distance at the left. This view is facing east.

This view facing southeast across the Flint river is from 1908.

This view is facing south east over the Chevy complex in 1920. The arrow points to the original Buick factory on Kearsley street, factory #4 is to the west of this factory. The Flint river is running through the middle of the photo. The street in the foreground was then known as Wilcox street later changed to Chevrolet Ave. Links:
Chevrolet In Flint Michigan. Buick, Little, Mason and Chevrolet Original factory on west Kearsley st. The First Buick Workers The Early Years.


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Don Milne said...

Gerry - Great to see a postcard and the photo it's derived from. Can't often find that kind of stuff.