Friday, March 27, 2009

Buick Test Track During World War II.

This diagram shows the layout of the test track during world war II and into the late 40's. This modified diagram is from Don Bent's book "A Place Called Buick".

We are facing north towards Horton Avenue and Philadelphia blvd.

Facing east at the north-end of the test track. The Pere Marquette rail line is in the background.

Here we are facing east with Stewart Avenue off to the right. You can still see that a part of the old "Liberty" engine factory #27 is still standing.

Here we see the M-18 north of Stewart Avenue with the new factory #10 aluminum foundry in the right background. Also note the high tension power line.

This looks to be a north-west view just south of the test track. This area looks like they had some hills and inclines for testing. I'm thinking that is Andrew Street in the background.

This south-east view of a M-18 tank is where factory #36 will be built during 1951-1952.

Buick M-18 HellCat on the Buick test track. This view is facing north-east.

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