Monday, October 10, 2011

Factory #16

Factory #16 construction announcements.

This shows factory #16's designations in 1919.

This is the same view nearly 100 years apart. Factory #31 was built on this site in 1940.

This shows nice detail of the chain drive on the "Buggyabout" model 14. This low priced Buick did not fit in well with the Buick plan for "Premium Motor Cars", and was dropped after less than a year. There were 2,048 built in 1910 with a total of 3,300 built when production ended in 1911.

This is the model 14 "Buggyabout" that this factory was built for.

A nice view of factory #16 facing north from Leith street on September 24, 1924.

This south-east view shows good detail of the north end of factory #16.

This south-east view shows good detail of the north end of factory #16.

Another north facing view which shows the structure for lowering the folding tops from the third floor, the same as at the end of this post.

This photo was grouped in the same batch as the two shown below. This south facing view down Industrial Avenue shows factory #16 at the left with factory #12 in the distance.

This photo from the late 30's shows that the structure for lowering the folding tops has been removed. This view facing east up Leith street from Industrial Avenue shows factory #29 and also the construction of factory #12-a. The photo above was taken at the same time facing east from Industrial Avenue.

This shows folding top assembly on the third floor of factory #16. This is labeled as factory #10 in the Buick research gallery. "Sorry about the mylar reflection in this photo". There is a better photo of this elsewhere in this blog.

Some of the men who built this factory in 1909, shown on the third floor.

This north-east view across the intersection of Industrial avenue and Leith street is during construction in early 1910. At this time the building was meant for the new "low priced" Buick model 14 "Buggyabout" which only lasted for less than a years production during late 1910 to the spring of 1911. It's uses after that were varied from making folding tops for all the other model Buick's and a central crib, plus various assembly operations.

This north facing view of factory #16 was taken from in front of factory #29 on Leith street. This photo shows the structure (south-west corner of building) for lowering the folding tops to waiting trucks that would take them to the different assembly plants. That is Industrial Avenue where the store fronts are seen at the left. All factory photos are from the Buick Research Gallery.

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This is actually factory #16 at the corner of Leith & Industrial in 1910. This factory was for a short time numbered 14  because this would be the factory to build Buick's model 14. Notice the tent at the left across Industrial Avenue. There were still many tent city's and workers temporary shacks built just to the north of this site in 1910. 

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