Friday, February 24, 2012

W.F. Stewart Factory 4 & Buick Garage #08.

This is a postcard showing the Buick Garage (at the left) and W.F. Stewart body plant (at the right). This view is facing east from the intersection of Industrial and Hamilton Avenue around 1910. I have not posted this one before. You can also see the D.U.R. depot at the extreme left.

A closeup of W.F Stewart factory 4.

A closeup of the postcard at top. This shows the Buick Garage #08 very well. It was built in 1908. W.F. Stewart body plant 4 is at the right.

Factory #08
Ruth Nash
Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913
Factory #08 1923
Buick 1920 Aerial View
Buick 1910
Hamilton Avenue #4-#08 And Weston-Mott
The W.F. Stewart Factories In Flint.
W.F. Stewart Factory #4.
W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard
W.F Stewart Factory #4 1912
Inside factory #4
Factory #4 and #3 Body Shop
W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard
Industrial and Hamilton 1913
1934 Buick Demolition
Buick Factories 1910
Hamilton Avenue #4-#08 And Weston-Mott
Hamilton Avenue about 1909

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