Friday, December 21, 2012

Buick Assembly 1907.

The same year as shown below only colored.
Here is the layout of the Buick buildings shown below in 1907. The suspension bridge crossing the Flint river is not yet in existence at this time. The first will be built in the spring of 1909 and the second in May of 1910, after which the first vehicle bridge will be started and finished by the end of 1910. The Buick power house #26 is only showing it's one smoke stack below.   

This appears to be late in the year 1907.  You will notice that the dock on the factory #01 paint and transmission factory has only an awning type covering to protect the workers from the elements at this time. The new assembly plant #06 has just been completed and is shown trailing off to the north along Division Street.  The #03 forge plant is still one year away from construction at the north-end of factory #06. The small structure in the left foreground was for the railroads use and was called a "FLAG SHANTY". All the new Buick's visible are most likely a days worth of production while the new assembly plant is ramped-up for full production.  

                                                                           1907                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 March 1907.

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