Saturday, July 23, 2011

Factory #35 And #94

This is factory #94 built on the site of old Buick factory #35. This is almost the exact view as shown below. This is a graduation ceremony in 1943 for the Army Air Corp that did there training on maintenance of the Liberator radial aircraft engine built by Buick and also training for the repair of the M-18 Hellcat tank destroyer, also built by Buick. The Buick training facility was located in factory #17 just out of site to the south in this photo.

A ghost image of the two photos below.

This is the same view as shown below, only the year is 1920. Factory #35 was a small parts plant.

This north facing view from James P. Cole blvd. formerly known as St. John Street, is the original site of Buick factory #35, built in 1909 as Weston-Mott factory #4. This factory was demolished around 1938, making way for the future factory #94. This photo is dated July 22, 2011.
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