Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Factory #05 2011

This east view of the south dock shows the remnants of factory #30/#03 in the distance beyond the guard shack at right. “I still wonder why that is left in place”? click on photo for a better view. Leonard Thygesen has informed me that the skeleton was left in place to hold up power and steam  structures.

Factory #05 originally known as building #43 was built for making components of the J-65 Sapphire jet engine. This factory built in 1951 to support war work for the Korean war (which ended July 27, 1953) ended war production in 1955. The factories designation was then changed to factory #05, and made gears for Buick engines and transmissions. The last visit I made to this plant was in 2002 while making a trip from Bay City Powertrain on my way to the Cadillac plant in Detroit on special assignment. This view is facing north-east. From the outside it seems untouched as of July 22, 2011. Prior to 1951 the All Saints church and school stood in the foreground of this photo.   Link for 1951 life story on G.M. including the J-65 engine.

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