Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Remnant Of Factory #36

Artist rendering for the new Buick engine factory. Link for 1955 expansion.  A 1966 engine advertisement with facts and figures.

East view from Wager avenue and Andrews street during construction. This photo and the one above and below are from Don Bents book: A Place Called Buick".

This north-west view just after construction is complete, shows the location of the last surviving part of factory #36. This is Stewart st. before the current overpass.

This south facing aerial view of the north Buick site in 1953 shows the steam lines crossing Stewart st. This is before the Stewart st. overpass was built over the C&O rail line. Factory #36 is in the foreground with the famous World War II aluminum plant across Stewart. That plant would later be re-numbered #10 the transmission plant. The new in 1953 Jet engine plant bldg. #43 factory #05 is at the right along Industrial ave. The original Buick aluminum foundry #03 is visible at the top. For some reason the skeleton of #03 is still standing as of July 22, 2011. Factory #05 is still all intact as of July 22, 2011.

All just vacant concrete now where factory #36 once stood. Factory #38 warehouse is also gone in the distance. North-east view taken from the Stewart street overpass. The date for both of these photos is July 22, 2011.

The last part still standing of the famed Buick engine plant. This north-east view is taken from Stewart street. This wall section is being used as a support for the old compressed air lines that come from building #22, which was originally a powerhouse for factory #10.

December 25, 2010 Buick Demolition

Powertrain Flint North expected to end all production Friday, shutting down last plant at historic Buick City site

Factory #36 Engine Plant

Last Flint Buick engine Built 08-22-08

Celebrities At Buick

Factory #36 Final Assembly

Inside factory #36 Adcole

Inside factory #36

Factory #36 Construction 1951

Factory #36

Buick Northend

Buick North 1966 Overview

Factory #36 2008

Factory #36 Assembly

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