Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buick 1931 And Just For Fun.

You don't get this opportunity very often -- having two, almost identical photographs from the same time. "So have fun and find the differences between the two". For enlargement: You can super enlarge just about any photo on this blog for viewing small details. The way this is done is a little different depending on which browser is used.

This photo shows Division Street looking north in 1931. The factory with all the open windows is the forge plant #03. North of that is the structure for the overhead crane of the steel yard. At the right is the cooling pond for the Powerhouse #14. This photo was probably taken from the roof of the gasoline filling station #09 built in 1919. The cars in the foreground are the top of the line new Series 60, 7 passenger sedans for 1930. Link: 1931 Buick transmission story. Another transmission story.   These two photos are from the Buick Research Gallery in Flint, Michigan.

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Donald said...

Enjoyed these photos! Its amazing the resolution the cameras had back then.My Dad worked at fisher body back in th 50s, so these have a special interest to me. Buick has been aour favorite car forever. Thanks!