Monday, September 5, 2011

Louis Chevrolet At Buick

This view from the same location as shown in the two photos below shows Louis Chevrolet in the passenger seat and I believe --but not sure, Lewis Strang behind the wheel. I have not yet found out what the "Waterloo" banner represented? This is a Marquette automobile which were built at the Saginaw, Michigan factory. This is on Hamilton Avenue facing north-east in front of the main Buick facilities at that time.

A close up of the photo below.

Louis Chevrolet on Hamilton Avenue. Seen left to right is the main office and factory #01 then the Imperial Wheel company in the background. The bottom photo is from the Buick Research Gallery in Flint, Michigan. You can super enlarge just about any photo on this blog for viewing small details. The way this is done is a little different depending on which browser is used. Links: Marquette - Buick Walter Marr,Buick's First Engineer


Anonymous said...

Looks a lot like Bob Burman behind the wheel?

Gerry Godin said...

You could be right. I've looked at the old Buick team pictures over the years and sometimes they are hard to identify.