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Factory #05 Enamel Plant

This story from January 12, 1923 explains the reason and operation of the new conveyor system connecting the factory #12 sheet metal plant with the #05 enamel plant. link:

Factory #12/#16

This is the elevator in factory #12 lifting hoods to the level of the third floor bridge going to factory #05 enamel plant. This photo is facing north-east at the east wall of #12.

The new overhead bridge connecting factory #12 sheet metal with factory #05 enamel plant. This bridge is shown farther below in 1926. This bridge was built during the winter of 1922. This photo is facing north between #12 on the left with #05 on the right. This would be the area called B-Loop in my Buick City days. The building located here in my time was the #12c annex. When I hired into Buick in 1972 this area was the machine floor called factory #50. Links to see B-loop area and #50 memory's:

Factory #12 Demolition Plus Inside

Factory #09 Northeast Corner 1923

Hoods exiting the new overhead bridge conveyor combination onto the third floor of factory #05. This view is facing south on the third floor along the west wall.

Article from the Automotive trade journal.

Inside factory #05 showing the radiator department. This work was performed in factory #12 before #05 was built in 1914. Factory #05 was demolished along with the old #03 forge plant in 1963. This photo is from Don Bent’s book: A Place Called Buick. Sorry for the poor quality reproduction. 'Just buy Don’s book'.

This photo is obviously showing factory #12 after the roof was raised but factory #05 can be seen at the right. This will be the Oak Park entrance off of Industrial Avenue that most people (now) would be familiar with. You are facing north-east.

Factory #05 viewed from the north. This photo is dated September 1, 1920.

This shows the layout of the areas shown below.

This is the bridge from factory #05 heading for the assembly plant (see photo below and above). That is factory #09 car export and final pass. You can also see factory #02 shipping and train shed at the left.Trivia: this road from Industrial Avenue to Division street was actually still in place and open for traffic until the mid 70′s when an engine line was placed on the first floor of factory #04 north when, when at that time the open mezzanine was walled up. That area became the Oak Park entrance. 'And the joy I had being in the first group to work on that assembly line'. I installed the power steering pumps and tightened the belt. 

This view of #05 is from the south-east under the bridge #14 connecting #05 with the assembly plant (shown above) This photo is dated October 23, 1920.

The large pipe in this view runs all the way south to #26 Powerhouse, it ran all along the west wall of factory #10 directly south of #05. I’m thinking it was for compressed air because I have not seen any expansion joints along the line.

The south wall of the Enamel plant labeled as January 15, 1926. All outside photos from the Buick Research Gallery. links:Factory #05 Enamel Plant 1923 Buick Factory Designations Factory #05 Enameling 



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