Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buick Assembly Court Yard.

A zoomed out shot of the two photos below facing west. Photo taken from the old Imperial Wheel factory #18 on October 15, 1920. In April of 1916 the Imperial Wheel factory became Buick’s Service Parts factory. This of course happened after Chevrolet and Monroe were finished with it. That is Division street on this side of the rail cars in the distance.

Same view as below, only panned to the south.

This west facing view is the same area as shown below before the remodel done in 1924. Link for 1924 expansion plans.  1924 production story surpasses Detroit.

Here is the (west bridge #11) crossing the courtyard from factory #01 paint to factory #62 assembly. You are facing west. That is old factory #07 on the right. The tall building beyond is the roofed over area between factories #07 and #10 that created factory #62 the Unified Assembly plant. The combined factories #06, #07, #09, #62 (roofed over area), and #10 all simply became factory #62. Just as in later years with the creation of Buick City. The combined factories all became known simply as #86 in 1985. This photo is dated July 18, 1924. Note that factory #01 has had a second floor addition added between 1920 and 1924. This factory went through more remodeling (just about) than any other factory at Buick. Another factory; #08 on the south side of Hamilton Avenue had just as many.

This looks like some early material handlers. The factory with the staggered windows behind them is factory #62 south. The bridge is connecting factory #07 with factory #01. These photos are all from the Buick Gallery and Research Center. 


Buick City Building Designations

Factory #62 Getting Ready For War

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