Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hamilton Avenue And St. John Street.

A before and after photo.

A less seen aerial view of the intersection of Hamilton and St. John from 1939. The addition at the east end of Buick factory #08 known as #78 is seen at the upper right. Filling the photo at the center right is the E.I du Pont de nemours co. or just DuPont as we called it. Directly east across St John st. is the Marvel Carburetor plant who's address was 1609 St John Street and was originally the Armstrong Manufacturing Company that was established in 1897 (they built the springs for the first Flint built Buick on Kearsley street). The parking lot at the lower right is where the Flint Axle plant was. As St John became James P. Cole and was moved closer to the river, it now goes through the footprint of the old axle plant. This photo is from the Buick Research Gallery.

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