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Factory #03 Buildings

November 1909.

Some heavy forging in the Buick plant. "The year is unknown".

A better way for arranging crankshaft throws.

News reporting that the Buick forge plant in Flint is not yet ready in 1908.

A view of the north-end from the steel yard located directly north of the forge plant.

Same view as below only now it is October 1, 1924. That is the "Pickling" building that was open for business in early 1921 - off to the right.

Looking south-west at the north-end. This photo shows the additions made to the north-end in 1920. You can also see the "Pickling" building - off to the right - is just being built.

A south-east view on September 1, 1920.

Building #03-D view  facing north-east.

Building #03-D being built in 1910. This view is facing north-east.

Same view as shown below, only on October 14, 1920

A view from the south-east across Division st. published in 1919. "I just added some color".

The buildings that made up the early forge plant. The first building of the #03 forge was being built in 1908. Buildings B, C, D and E were built in 1910.  Article from 1910 on construction.

One of the new additions to the factory is #03-E, "the Hardening plant" built in 1910 (see story below).

Aluminum And Brass Foundry Fire And Explosion 1913.
Pickling Room Building #64.
Buick 1931 And Just For Fun.
Liberty Crankshaft March 1919
Buick Forge Plant #03
Bridge #20
Original Forge #03 Before And After 1913 Fire.
Factory #03 Forge
Factory #03/#30
Factory #03/bldg #30
Factory #37 Heat Treat + Factory Fire Mystery
Factory #03 Inside And Out
Factory #03 Lombardi And Fusi
Early Buick Test Track

January 1919.

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