Monday, October 24, 2011

Factory #40 Building #16.

Same line as shown below only a little farther north at the body marriage. I'm not quite sure of the year but I'm guessing 1966 or 1967. For super large view left click photo then right click and choose open in new tab (open new tab) and then left click again.

This is the second floor of factory #40/#16 facing north along the east wall slat line. That is a 1973 Buick Century just passing over the pit that I would stock with parts in the early 80's. This is the car they were building when I hired in during October of 1972. 

Buick City Building Designations

Gerry Godin and friends

Final Assembly Factory #40/16 1972 A Film: Working Inside Buick City 1995

Gerry Godin 1980 Accident

Factory #40/bldg 16 1978

Material (OUT OF) Control

Factory #40/bldg 16

Factory #40/bldg 16

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